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    • Gamer • Entrepreneur •
    • Skillshare Teacher • Tea & Coffee Lover •

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    Artistic, resourceful, passionate and professional, with strong creative thinking, writing and problem-solving skills.

    What I Do

    Work and Passions


    Hi there! You may call me Rose.

    I am an Illustrator, Writer, Reviewer, Game Enthusiast, and tea and coffee lover, I have been illustrating for several years. I have taken up short courses in Visual Graphics Design and Multimedia Arts. Besides this, I had also edited and composed music for choirs and stage plays for about a decade starting around 2000

    I have experience as a personal assistant and freelance artist. I moved from starting out in Email and Chat Support before being promoted to Live Chat Specialist (part of a pilot team). I then moved on to being a Web Content Curator and Editor II.


    I am now a freelance artist, illustrator, and art director. I am also a teacher on Skillshare.


    What I Like

    Hobbies and Eccentricities


    I like electronics, robotics, comics, anime, manga, design, illustration, art ... I like creating. I also like reading - a lot. What I read depends on my mood, but I've got books in several genres from Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six, Splinter Cell, and James Dashner's Maze Runner series; the Mortality Doctrine series; LOTR, GOT, and Harry Potter, to Star Wars; then of course the mandatory dose of Nicholas Sparks, Mitch Albom, Jude Devereaux, and the classics like Shakespeare and Bram Stoker.


    In my travels to dusty bookshelf worlds, I've also come across strange treasures like Welcome to the World, Baby Girl, and The Best Cat Ever.

    Yes, this tells you much about my social life with actual human beings, does it not?

    When I'm not stuck in the world of paper and pages, I like to bake. And then eat what I bake, naturally. I am an avid reader, tea and coffee lover, and choco-fanatic. I love my darlings: a Himalayan and a Ragdoll. I love cats. And cake.



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    Art Director

    Chalkola Art Supplies
    Jan 2019 - Sept 2019

    • Directed & managed artist team
    • Prepared content calendar for social media
    • Assisted in directing artists in the creation of videos and graphics for the Client’s needs
    • Worked with other artists

    Freelance Artist & Illustrator

    GloriAnne Rose Art
    Feb 2017 - Present

    • Freelance illustration & hand-lettering.

    Freelance Consultant, Illustrator, Hand-Letterer

    Thought Catalog, Quote Catalog
    2017 - Present

    (Freelance, Remote)

    • Design, Metadata & Organization
    • Illustration
    • Quote Classification
    • Image Metadata

    Editor II

    FactSet Philippines, Inc.
    Sept 2016 - Jan 2017

    •  Proofread corrected transcripts of corporate events to ensure accuracy.
    • Provide quality assurance & highly accurate transcripts with the best timeliness possible.
    • Work with little instruction on day-to- day work and able to achieve and deliver results in a consistent manner.
    • Have an appetite for work and responsibility to exceed the target and drive improvement over the latter on a continuous basis.
    • Willingness to render extra hours to meet the set target.

    Business English Communications Trainer/Consultant



    • Teach Business English to Japanese professionals using company methodology
    • To guide Japanese professionals in their business communications concerns

    Web Content Quality Curation Specialist

    Apr - Dec 2015

    Responsibilities included:

    • OIC in absence of the team's TL, perform assigned tasks and assist or guide fellow teammates, as well as coordinate with other departments when necessary. 
    • Provide ongoing feedback and suggestions for improvement of the product, team, and processes. 
    • Assess the quality of profiles, products and services offered.
    • Assist users and provide recommendations to improve offerings.
    • Maintain the highest standards for marketplace quality

    Live Chat Specialist

    Sept 2014 - Apr 2015

    Responsibilities included:

    • Provide exceptional customer support through live chat.
    •  Provide quick first contact resolutions whenever possible.

    Customer Experience Agent

    July 2013 - Sept 2014

    Responsibilities included:

    • Provide exceptional customer service through timely response to email/support tickets and live chat.
    • Effectively relay complex information to both technical and non-technical users. 
    • Handle customer issues and provide first response resolutions whenever possible

    Avionics Technician, OJT

    Lufthansa Technik, Philippines
    July - Dec 2012

    Completed 625 hours On-the-Job Training (practical) under MRO Classic. Division (AO1 Classic 5).

    Personal Assistant

    Pets 'n Us Veterinary Clinic, UAE
    Jan 2008 - May 2009

    • All-around personal assistant to clinic owner.
    • Responsibilities include attending to customers and theirs and their charges’ needs, updating their charges’ files, attending to clinic boarders, etc., and aiding clinic owner in anything and everything that she might require, even beyond clinic working hours.

    Freelance Artist

    Pets 'n Us Veterinary Clinic, UAE
    Dec 2007 - Jan 2008

    Assigned leader of a group of five artists to paint a wall mural and aid in logo design for said clinic.

  • Degrees & Certificates

    Learning and Invention is like exercise for the brain

    Diploma in Digital Marketing

    Shaw Academy
    May 2016 - June 2016

    Multimedia Arts

    First Academy of Computer Arts, PH
    Short Course - June 2015 - Jan 2016

    Visual Graphics Design

    First Academy of Computer Arts, PH
    Short Course
    Apr - Sept 2015

    BS Avionics Technology

    PATTS College of Aeronautics, PH
    June 2009 - Mar 2013

    Fashion Design

    Preston University, UAE
    Sept 2007 - May 2009

    Edexcel London Board GCSE: O'Levels & A'Levels

    St. Mary's Catholic High School, UAE
    2001 - 2006

    Elementary Schooling


    • Our Own English High School, UAE
    • East Coast English School, UAE
    • Bethany Institute, PH
  • Seminars & Training

    Imagination and Innovation are our own Magic

    #CreativesRule in #CreativeNation
    - Adobe MAKE IT Local Event

    GetCre8ive - iAcademy, PH 

    12 October 2017

    #CreativesRule! - Meetup

    Graphic Artist Philippines + Creative Nation Academy
    20 February 2016

    Talks: Real World Applications of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

    Thinking Machines Data Science, Inc.
    19 February 2016

    Aids to Navigation

    PAVIOS, ACATECH – PATTS College of Aeronautics
    13 February 2013

    Flight Controls

    SIA Engineering Clark, Philippines
    22 January 2013

    English for the Workplace

    ROTARACT – PATTS College of Aeronautics
    19 January 2013

    Aircraft Wires and Cables Seminar

    Lufthansa Technical Training Philippines
    12 September 2011

    GNSS: Global Navigation Satellite Systems

    PAVIOS – PATTS College of Aeronautics
    29 July 2011

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